Extend the value of Pascal’s natural language into any industry vertical.

Content that is produced on a recurring basis, be it daily, weekly, monthly or some other periodic schedule makes a strong candidate for automation.

Different audiences are best served with different styles of writing. Fortunately Pascal enables automated narratives to assume any tone: casual, professional, persuasive, formal and anything in between. Tone can also be adjusted to match your company’s brand style guidelines, so there’s no need to rewrite or edit after the content is generated.

Automation saves companies time and money on the content that is already created manually, but it can also do much more than that. Pascal allows organisations to create content they would never have been able to produce otherwise, since it works at a speed and scale no team of analysts or advisors can match.

Business Intelligence

Executive Summaries
Sales Performance
Marketing Performance
Service Performance
Project Management
Software Application Usage

Finance & Insurance

Portfolio Summaries
Market Reports
Asset Allocation
Risk Analysis
Quarterly/Annual Reports
Fund Commentaries

Marketing & Media

Digital Smart Receipts
Customer Journey Engagement
Customer Survey Results
Email Marketing Performance
Web Analytics Reports
Social Media Analysis

Automotive & Dealerships

Sales Reporting
Parts & Accessories
Finance & Insurance
Customer NPS Score
Inflow / Outflow
Customer Survey Feedback

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